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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

We Breathe

We breathe the same air,
We see the same moon,
But it's years since I've seen you last.
All of the oceans intertwine,
But why is my heart so sparse?

You said to me,
"Look up in the sky,
And pick a constellation".
Then you would look up at it too,
Wherever you were in our nation.

But when I look up,
I get a sixth sense,
That you are here no more.
No phone call,  no email, no knock at the door.

Alas you are gone,
My life must go on.
I await a sign,
maybe the blowing of the meadow grass.
And then I will press play,
I will live my life,
As if each day is my last.

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abzicality said...

I love this poem!

My lovely I have awarded you with a blog award - go see on my blog.