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Monday, 2 August 2010


One day,
I will be,
All the things I wanted to be,
I'll visit the places I said I'll see,
One day.

One day,
I will get those jobs done,
That I said I would do last week.
I will write a list of all those things,
And keep it within my reach,
One day.

One day, yes today,
I will try to stop saying,
'Yes in a minute',
My Attention I'll be paying...
To you, I will try to play with more
And put down the duster,
To play on the floor.
With your toys and your cars
And your Lego, zoom zoom.
We'll have fun and we'll laugh and we'll go to the moon!

I need to think of the important things,
My children, my family.
These are what mean the most and
These I love for all eternity.

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abzicality said...

OMGosh that gave me goosebumps! More, more, more! I love this and can totally relate to it. We as mum's get caught up with housework (not necessarily a bad thing) but should have a balance.

Tomorrow's a new day and I will keep this in