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Monday, 2 August 2010


Do you ever dream?
Dream of who you could have been,
Where you should have gone,
Things you would have seen?

The life you could have had,
If you hadn't of done this,
Or had of done that?

Do you ever look back and think,
I wish I could change the way things went,
 The way things happened,
The life I spent?

If you had the choice,
To turn the clock back,
Do you think you would do it,
Or enjoy looking back?

Back on the life where you may have been naughty,
Silly and frivolous, juvenile, jaunty.
These things are all a part of becoming who you are,
Whether it a mother, a cleaner, or even a mega star.

I do look back,
But I never regret.
As if I did, then I would not be,
The person I am, and that is me.

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abzicality said...

I love this hun! Keep doing it! I await some more!x