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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Another lonely night shift...

So, here I am.  It's 3:29am on Thursday morning.  Yes, that's right, 3:29AM!!  Why on earth are you still awake I hear you ask.  Are you insane?  Are you an insomniac??  Well, infact the answer is neither of these- I hope I'm not insane anyway!  And I am most definatley not an insomniac (ha, try saying that after a few glasses of wine), infact my bed and sleep are two very important things to me, I love my bed and I love to sleep!! I have even managed to fall asleep on a jeep safari in the mountains of Turkey!! Impossible some might say, but not for me, the serial sleeper!!
I have totally digressed here, but I guess that's what one litre of caffeine fuelled energy drink does to you!!  I am still awake at this ungodly hour because I am at work.  I work waking nights, I love my job, don't get me wrong, I just detest waking nights.  They are like some form of Medievil torture!!  Forcing your body to do things it really doesn't want to do.  Matchsticks really do hurt your eyes you know, really not reccommended!!

It's now 3:35AM and I am counting down the minutes and seconds until 7AM when I get to leave and go home.  But, alas my bed will not be calling me.  Well, it will be calling me, but I won't be answering it.  As when I get home, I will have two children to get up, washed, dressed and fed and take one to school, and then entertain my 'not quite 2 year old' for the rest of the day!

If I'm lucky I may get a quick power nap in on the sofa, whilst the 'wee one' watches Postman Pat- but the chances are unlikely as his new favourite past time is to not let me sit on the sofa!  He literally tries to push/pull me off of it whenever I sit down!!

The joys of motherhood, I work nights because I don't want to work days and have someone else look after my children.  But they are my life and I love them and there are sacrifices in life you have to make when bringing little ones into the world, and sleep is most definatley one of them!!!!

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