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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wasp Costume

My son had an Ugly Bug Ball at school yesterday as it was their last day before the summer hols. I can't believe he has been there a whole year already and will be moving up to Year 1!!
Anyway, as my blog seems to be so random and no two blogs are the same, I thought I would put up some pics of his costume and I also painted his face- I was quite quite impressed with this, even if I do say so myself!!  I guess you could also make the same costume for a bumble bee but add some padding to their tummy!

This is his  face painted as a wasp, I forgot to paint on a sting, until my mum reminded me, so when he was dressed in his costume, I painted a sting on too.  For my first proper experience in face painting, I think I did quite well.  What do you think??

This is him with the sting.  He has stripy boppers on his head and his hat is made from the top of a pair of tights that has been cut off and then turned inside out and sewn together and then turned back out the right way.

This is the costume!  I brought a yellow t-shirt from Primark (it's actually a girls t-shirt, but shh, they didn't have any boys ones in yellow and I thought it worked out quite well as it was longer).
I got a marker pen and drew lines on the t-shirt front and back and then coloured them in alternately.
He is wearing a pair of black tights on his legs and plimsolls.  I also cut up another pair of tights and cut out finger holes for him to put on his arms. (I sewed around the finger holes to stop them from ripping)  This pair of tights that I cut up for his arms are also the ones that I used for making his hat-waste not want not!! :)

The black wings I bought from a fancy dress shop and also the stripy boppers on his head.  I made the sting by cutting a circle out of an old black jumper and then folding and sewing it into a sting shape and then I sewed it onto the t-shirt.
I also sewed one popper in between his legs on the t-shirt so it looked more like a body.

I hope you like my costume I made.  I also made him a spider costume when he dressed up as incey wincey spider last October, I may post the pics of those on here too.

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fiona said...

That is a very cute costume, hope he enjoyed wearing it, can we see the incey wincey spider too?